April 21 - 29, 2018

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Diver                     $1,735.00 One Bedroom
Non-Diver            $1,350.00 One Bedroom
Single Supp. Add $915.00
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A $500 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space. Cash Discount $25.00. Full balance due 90 days prior to departure. Prices and dates subject to change without notice.

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Bonaire is consistently rated as the top shore diving destination in the world and as a pioneer in preserving nature. There are over eighty dive sites, many of which are easily accessible by shore. The moment you arrive in Bonaire, you’ll sense the tranquility of the island and the absence of crowds. You’ll also be amazed at the clear water, with nearly 100 feet of visibility, and the spectacular diving and snorkeling just a few feet from the shoreline.

Buddy Dive Resort will be your home for the week. The spacious condos, complete with a kitchen, allow you to cook your meals if you desire. Each condo comes with a truck and the on-site compressors are conveniently located near the parking lot for easy access and loading of tanks. When you dive in Bonaire, you’re on your own schedule. You determine when and where you’ll shore dive throughout the week. When you’re not diving, the  downtown area has quaint shops and art galleries to explore. You’ll also find a variety of wonderful restaurants on the island.

Bonaire is truly a diver’s paradise!

What Conditions to Expect

Water temperatures average a warm 78-84°F (25.6-28.9°C), with visibility averaging over 100 feet (30m), and frequently reaching up to 150 feet (50m). Water temperatures do vary widely by season and location. Unless planning deep, technical dives, it’s doubtful that any thermoclines will be felt within normal recreational diving depths. Water temperatures are normally at their lowest in late December and January. By March and April, the water begins to warm up, usually peaking at its warmest from late August through November.

Visitors enjoy a temperate climate. Average yearly temperature is 82°F (27.8°C); water 80°F (26.7°C); rainfall 22 inches; humidity 76%, sunny all year round. Just north of the equator, Bonaire always enjoys the advantage of daylight for 12 hours.

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“One of the members of our group knew of the Ostracods that glow in the dark called “Bioluninescense” four days after a full moon. It was one of the most thrilling dives I have ever seen!” ~D. D.

“Bonaire is a great location for unlimited diving. A pick-up truck comes with each room.” ~K. & D. H.

“As a newbie diver I found the Bonaire trip with High Plains an excellent way to gain confidence and really enjoy the experience. I really appreciated all of the experienced divers on the trip helping us newbies out.” ~R. L.

Like to eat?

Kralendijk Rated #5 of Top Ten Caribbean Food Cities


Caribbean Journal’s 2013 list of The 10 Best Caribbean Cities For Food includes Bonaire’s capital city of Kralendijk because of it’s “wonderful blend of classic Dutch food, European refinement and local Caribbean flavour.”Here is their list of Six Great Restaurants in Bonaire you may want to check out:

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