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Altitude Diving


SSI Altitude Diving SpecialtyThere are many high mountain lakes and most have a very good visibility. What do you need to know to dive them safely? If you dive in a body of water 300 to 3000 meters (1000 to 10000 feet)

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Boat Diving


“Boat diving is not just diving from a boat – it is your guarantee for a successful and relaxing first diving holiday!”

Most of the diving you will do while on vacation

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Deep Diving


Depth attracts a lot of divers as deep dives provide this certain kick. Dive in places where only a few have explored before! Get the experience of diving on a wreck below 100 feet/30 meters! To do these dives safely

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Dry Suit Diving


When the shows become longer, the days shorter and the water gets colder – then the time for Dry Suit Diving has come. If you want to dive during the fall and winter in the colder climates, Dry Suit

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Equipment Techniques


Your Total Diving System is like a buddy underwater who you need to be able to rely on at any time! Diving is more fun and more comfortable in your own equipment. This program teaches you how to choose

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Night & Limited Visibility


Diving at night means excitement, adventure and fascination all at the same time! The underwater world is a new and mystical world for us.

While diving at night

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The Science of Diving


Having the right knowledge is just as important as the proper handling of your diving equipment! Diving is just more fun and safer if you know more about it. The Science of Diving program treats all areas of dive

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Search & Recovery


Finding treasure is something every diver thinks of more than once in his/her diving career. Whether it’s the gold of a sunken ship, a lost ring or simply your buddy’s dive light that was accidentally lost, there are times

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Wreck Diving


Diving on wrecks means diving in the past – and it is always related with a certain thrill. It is an unbelievable experience to see a big ship from a bird’s perspective and to glide towards the captain’s bridge. But

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Digital Underwater Photography


At the time diving was difficult, photography was also difficult. Today these facts have changed completely. Now diving and photography with a digital camera system have become very easy.

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Enriched Air Nitrox


Have you ever dreamed of having longer no-decompression limits to take pictures or explore a wreck? Did you ever want to be safer while diving concerning the potential risk of decompression sickness? Nitrox

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Have you ever asked yourself, “How does my instructor manage to find the way back to the exit point or to the boat?” If so, the Navigation Program is what you need to learn this skill for yourself

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Perfect Buoyancy


Every diver wants to be a “good diver” – Perfect buoyancy control is the first step in this direction. Improving your buoyancy control skills is highly recommended. Every diver who wants to improve diving skills and at the same time

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Shark Diving


“If the Sharks die, the Sea dies!” SSI and SHARKPROJECT have decided to actively support the positive image of sharks by founding the Shark Diving Program. Experience the fascination of sharks

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Waves, Tides, & Currents


Have you ever dreamed of gliding with the current and watching sharks or dolphins at the same time? Adequate training in current diving is the key to this kind of experience and therefore Waves, Tides and Currents is

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