Advice from Experts


The choice of scuba equipment is vast and often confusing.

Here at High Plains Scuba Center we have taken the liberty of narrowing things down a bit. We have searched through product features, price and most importantly support to arrive at what we feel are superior choices for our clients.

We haven’t focused on brands likes Aqualung, Apeks, Scubapro, Oceanic and many others by random chance, but rather have chosen them for their support of their product, competitive pricing and product that function and look great.

We offer you products that are supported for the long run by our manufacturers. So for example, when you choose a particular regulator from HPSC, you can expect to use it and have service support for the next 10 to 15 years. We also offer the High Plains Scuba Center’s support of product: being fitted properly in equipment, trying equipment in the pool, no hassle exchange of equipment purchased with HPSC, free set-up and tuning of new air delivery system purchased from HPSC, free pool time after complete regulator service, and much more.


    Owning vs. Renting Your Total Diving System

    Remember, your Total Diving System is your life support equipment, and requires maintenance at regular intervals!


    The Benefits of Ownership

    You know that you are maintaining it, if something has happened to the unit that bears greater scrutiny and it has far less wear and tear on it than a rental.

    Generally you have purchased a unit that has greater performance, you know how it is configured and therefore your have greater comfort, confidence and safety with your equipment.

    Rental Equipment Considerations

    Though financially more appealing, rental equipment begs the question of how often is it being serviced? Manufacturers suggest a 100 dive cycle over 2 years for most regulators. With a low average usage of 3 dives a day/ 6 days a week/ 52 weeks a year… are rentals being serviced 10 times a year? I doubt it. Also are the 2nd stages being cleaned between rentals. Did the last person to use it get sick in it or leave the dust cap off while rinsing the reg??!