Try Scuba with High Plains Scuba


Training that focuses on your safety

Is Scuba right for you?

What better way to experience being able to breathe and swim underwater than in the comfort of our 88 degree indoor heated pool. Under the supervision of our experienced diving instructors this one hour “Try Scuba” session is designed for you to put on a complete set of scuba equipment, get in the water and actually see what’s like to be a Scuba Diver.

Experience new adventures and explore undiscovered worlds. Make new friends. Diving is much easier that you might think. Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into the underwater realm it’s a whole new world.

Please join us…YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!

spit shot of a adult doing snorkeling in mexico
Need more basics?
Snorkeling Course

Are you preparing for an exotic vacation and not ready for scuba yet? Learn how to snorkel and start your enjoyment of the underwater realm. We have the classes for you. We provide individual and group instruction.

Mesmerizing view of a female scuba diver swimming underwater
Ready for the next step?
Open Water Diver

Adventure, tropical islands, a rainbow of color beneath the sea await you in the underwater realm. Become an Open Water Diver to start your scuba adventure!