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Training that focuses on your safety

Northern Colorado's Oldest, Largest Full-Service Scuba Facility

Your learning experience will come alive with personalized instruction that puts your skills to use in reality-based training scenarios. SSI’s unique approach to dive training is known as Comfort through Repetition.

By practicing each skill you’ve learned throughout each level of your training, your actions become conditioned responses—second nature! Our training ensures you retain what you’ve already learned, while you continue to learn more. As a result, diving remains fun, not an exercise in memory recall or mental gymnastics.

Is becoming a certified SCUBA diver on your bucket list? HPSC can help you check this one off. We hold classes throughout the year, so we’ll be here when you decide to take the plunge!

Your early dives are exciting, but this is just the beginning. Every new Open Water Diver wants to explore new places, have new experiences, and expand his or her skills.

Advanced and specialty education will enhance your experiences while making you a safer, more capable diver.

Our benefits

Why train with High Plains?

Our highly trained staff is ready and willing to take your from beginning scuba class thru the instructor level certification programs.

Our goal at HPSC is to create a safe, comfortable, confident diver.

The friendly, professional staff at HPSC will fill all your scuba needs.

HPSC is Northern Colorado’s oldest and largest full-service scuba facility.

There are numerous scuba training agencies throughout the world to choose from and SSI is one of the largest agencies to offer state-of-the-art educational material to the diving community.

In addition SSI’s International Headquarters is located right here in Ft. Collins, Colorado and the extra TLC we receive from them we like to pass on to our customers.

Getting your certifications from HPSC will allow you to literally dive anywhere in the world. Remember, “It’s not the training agency you use but the instructor you get”..

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