Snorkeling Course


Traveling to a distant tropical isle surrounded by crystal blue ocean. Rainbows of fish glide past you as you snorkel over the coral reefs. You easily dive down for a closer look, then rise back to the warmth of the sunshine on the surface. Another day in paradise and you’re glad you learned to snorkel before you left home.

Our Snorkeling course is specifically designed to make you comfortable and competent in the water. You’ll learn new skills and practice using your snorkeling equipment. You’ll be more relaxed in the water, and you’ll have a lot more fun!

Family Fun!

Anyone who can swim can learn to snorkel. Because there’s no age limit, the whole family can join in the fun. It’s easy and your kids will remember their snorkeling adventures for a lifetime. What a great way to spend family time together! Schedule a class for your family today.

$80.00 Program Fee Includes:
Fee Does Not Include:

Group rates available (2 @ $70.00 per person & 3 or more @ $60 per person).


To participate in the Snorkeling Course you must:

No minimum age for this course


You can schedule your own snorkeling course whenever it is convenient for you. Your private instructor will work closely with you to meet your needs.

Typically you will spend approximately 30 minutes in the classroom and 1 – 2 hours in the pool to perfect your newly learned skills. You’ll also learn to adjust, use and care for your equipment. Our objective is proficiency and comfort, so you’ll become a confident and competent snorkeler wherever you go in the world.

spit shot of a adult doing snorkeling in mexico
Looking for the basics?
Swimming Lessons

We provide swimming lessons for individuals wanting to improve their comfort level in the water, perhaps in preparation for future snorkeling and scuba classes.

Mesmerizing view of a female scuba diver swimming underwater
Want to know more first?
Try Scuba

Have you always wanted to swim with the fishes but you weren’t sure if it was for you? Try Scuba is your chance to experience scuba and to see what the underwater world is really like. Come give scuba diving a try! Kids 10 and older are welcome.