Marine Mammal Ecology


Training that focuses on your safety

Become an SSI Marine Mammal Ecology Diver

Do you have a passion to save the ocean and the marine animals that call it their home? Does the thought of diving with whales fascinate you? Do you want to learn more about the ecology, biology, and conservation of marine mammals? The SSI Marine Mammal Ecology program introduces you to the wonders of these amazing creatures.

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Prices: $150

Requirements: No diving requirements!

Includes: This is a classroom only certification.  Digital material, classroom training and certification included.

Schedule: Once we have payment, we will work with you to schedule the class.

Notes:  We do need two individuals to take the class.  Don’t have a friend to take class with? Let us know you are interested and we’ll try to find one or for one-on-one instruction: add $25.