Search & Recovery


Training that focuses on your safety

Become an SSI Search and Recovery Diver

In this fascinating program, you will learn all the skills you need to safely and confidently conduct search and recovery dives.

You will be taught how to use search patterns, specialized dive plans and equipment such as lift bags, lines and reels. By developing your search and communication techniques, you will become a confident search and recovery diver.

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  • Local: $315.00
  • Blue Hole: $390.00 (Some restrictions apply)

Requirements:  Referral Diver or Open Water Diver

Schedule: Once we have payment, we will work with you to schedule the class.

Includes: Digital material, tanks and weights. 

Does not include: Mask, snorkel, fins. Add $50.00 for use of wetsuit, BCD and regulator.

Notes:  We do need two divers to take the class.  Don’t have a friend to take class with? Let us know you are interested and we’ll try to find one or for one-on-one instruction add $25.